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I started teaching improv at Gotham City Improv in January of 2000.  I've taught all four levels of their training program including instruction in short-form, various long-forms, and monologue writing.  I coached four of GCI’s long-form ensembles - Pembo (1 year), Mothership (1 year), The McKellog Report (2 years), and the Wet Pajamas (1 year).  I have also represented GCI on numerous occasions teaching improv workshops to various companies, schools, and organizations.

I became involved with Broadway Classrooms in 2005 with whom I have had the privilege of being one of their improv workshop instructors.  I cannot calculate how many workshops I have taught for them.  Many!  Bunches!  The best thing about it is that because every workshop experience is unique, I feel I can walk into ANY class situation - no matter what the age, skill level, or degree of willingness to participate - and give a great, solid improv workshop.

My experience with Stonestreet Studios (New York University’s on-camera acting studio for Tisch students) was unique in that not only did it give me the opportunity to work with NYU drama students, but I was given the freedom to create my own curriculum to teach an “Improv for the Camera” class.  There are a multitude of ways improv is currently being used today in commercials, TV, and film.  It is more popular than ever!  I gave acting assignments that would prepare the students for any situation in which they may find themselves having to improvise on camera.

One of my most gratifying teaching experiences was with the Queen’s Theater in the Park’s program, CentreStageWith CentreStage, I had the opportunity to work with 4th and 5th graders and help them to write and eventually perform a 15 minute play.  The work was super challenging, but I still couldn not help but love it.  Those kids won me over every time.  The video below can tell you more about this fabulous program.  I'm not in it but one of my former students makes an appearance saying, “We’re going to blow the roof off this place!”  Priceless.

Since moving to Maplewood, NJ from Brooklyn with my family in the summer of 2010, I’ve begun to teach improv classes locally to students of all ages from elementary school aged kids to adults.

I hope to continue building up my various classes and bringing the joy of improv to my community.  When are my next classes you say?  Just check out the Classes page for more information.


Teaching Highlights...

I believe that anyone can improvise - anyone!  And if you’re saying, “Nuh-uh, not me!” then I must respectfully disagree.  Sorry to be so blunt, but I’ve witnessed it time and time again.  ANYONE can improvise.


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