Lulu  French


I’m a performer and teaching artist.  Improv is my specialty - and my passion!  It was an interesting journey for me leading up to being an improviser.  I was a dancer in my youth, did musical theater during my young adulthood, but then in 1997, I took an improv class and was seriously hooked!  I was creating!  Making people laugh!  And I was a “lead player!” My days in the chorus were over.

I discovered another passion when I began teaching improvisation and coaching improv teams. For more info on my experience as a teacher, please check out my Teacher page.  I also have some classes for middle schoolers coming up.

Have a look around, check out some videos, whatever floats your boat - and enjoy!

A bit about me...

The two show photos posted on this page are from my two favorite improv shows - pod and happy birthday from the huntleys - both shows i co-produced.  i love costumes.

Fun fact...

I met my husband, Brad Barton, while taking improv classes!  I was in Level 2, he was in level 3... well, I’ll just let you check it out for yourselves.  Here’s a super cute (or nauseatingly sappy) article about us in the online mag, Improvisation News.  I’m so IN to you - Second Beats.

I was featured in an article about how to Be in the Moment in the November 2013 issue of Real Simple Magazine!